Don Corleone

July 14, 2009

Actores:”Juvelino”Filipe CorreiaPedro SantosEdição:Andreia “Lua” FerreiraPós-Produção:Filipe Correiahttp://projectosdiferidos.b…

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New Pelaaja magazine reveals new information of Alan wake.

July 6, 2009

Finnish gaming mag Pelaaja recently had a chance to visit Remedy for the first time in 4 years.

In the indepth interview we find out some new information that was still up in the air. Here’s a quick summary of it all:

– Alan Wake is not late. Before E3 2009, Remedy have never given a release date and all previous dates found floating on the web were made up by other sources. In fact Remedy have never missed a release date for any of their previous games and does not intend to with Alan Wake. Alan Wake will be released Spring 2010 for the Xbox 360.

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See what Mario Galaxy looks like in HD

July 6, 2009

Remember that Wii emulator that boosted the graphics up to 720p? Thanks to a recent update, Super Mario Galaxy is now playable on the emulator — known as Dolphin (get it?) — and we have to admit, it looks pretty gorgeous. Granted, Super Mario Galaxy was no graphical slouch in the first place, but the extra resomolutions certainly add to the overall experience, and it gives us an idea of what a Wii HD console would be capable of producing.Check out a video of the Super Mario Galaxy running in HD after the break (don’t forget to turn on HD in the player). It’s in HD. Did we mention that yet?

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New Halo Wars Achievements reveal new maps (again)

July 6, 2009

For all you negative Nancys out there who just couldn’t believe it when we told you that Halo Wars itself had revealed some upcoming maps, here’s some more proof for you. New achievements have popped up on the Halo Wars page in the UK, and they reveal — wait for it — new maps. The names of the maps just so happen to be the very same names we discovered back in May: Barrens, Blood River and Memorial Basin.

If you still aren’t convinced that new map DLC is on the way, you’ll just have to wait for the official announcement. The rest of us will just sit here and act smug for a while.


Rumor : SOCOM 4 Is Apparently “In Development” For PS3

July 6, 2009

A listing for “SOCOM 4” for the PlayStation 3 at production studio PCB Productions might be a good indicator that somewhere, in some capacity, someone is working on another SOCOM game. Wouldn’t that be surprising?

After the listing was dug up by PS3 Center, the digital audio recording facility pulled the listing—but not before Google cached it—along with one for Syphon Filter 5.

Yes, the same rumored Syphon Filter we posted about in February, which must have lead someone to believe that Syphon Filter 5 was also in development at Sony Bend. Potentially another massive megaton that another entry in a very successful series of shooters would get another iteration.

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PSP 2 (not PSPgo) graphical specs leaked?

July 6, 2009 has had access to internal information about one of the secrets that Sony is now at hand. We refer to PSP2, but a hardware that has not yet been officially announced for PSP and should happen in the future PSPGo. With the data obtained could say that at this new portable graphic display could all the brute force of the first Xbox and counting at the same time with the most advanced Dreamcast.

Part of the information we have spoken of as an essential component in a video game system such as your graphics processor. In this case, based on a multicore version of SGX543 of Imagination Technologies, a provider, among other things, the graphics chips that fit the iPhone. Would have 4 cores and its internal code name is hydra. An approach to increase the peak performance of 133 million polygons per second, exceeding the original Xbox.

Pileup, we see that they have separate caches for data and textures, 8 PE ISP (Image Signal Processor Processing Elements) that significantly improves the fill rate, vec3 extensions / 4 in USSE (Unified Scalable Shading Engine) to double the actual performance vector shaders in the applications and will support OpenGL 2.0 and DX10.

The magic that usually include Imagination Technologies to exponentially increase the performance of its chips this time is given by the tile-based rendering, supported by this family of graphics chips and optimizations in the use of texture cache to reorganize the memory function their place in the final rasterizado. It also includes an old acquaintance of the users of Dreamcast, the now so fashionable Deferred Rendering. Recall that a solution to alleviate complex scenes eliminating overdraw not draw the geometry that is hidden in the final scene.

This information, of course, come from a project that is still under development, and that Sony has not yet confirmed or denied anything. Sony should not be delayed much beyond the end of the year to announce this new brand itineración portable Playstation.

Yes it does smell of BS, but Eurogamer is a highly respected site, but at the time of posting, this news was not on the main site.


Yoshihisa Hashimoto Out of Sonic Team

July 6, 2009

One of the Major Brains Behind Unleashed now at Square Enix

One of the major players at Sega and Sonic Team, Yoshihisa Hashimoto, left the company about a month and a half ago, according to the technical director’s LinkedIn profile.

The profile, which was captured and sent into us by serpx via our News Tips system, claims that Hashimoto left Sega late in April of this year, and resurfaced at Square Enix in a similar technical director role in May.  Though we received a screenshot, TSSZ News checked out the information on LinkedIn pages to verify, and that information is accurate.

Hashimoto brings with him to Square Enix twelve years of experience from working within Sonic Team.  His career at Sega began in 1997.  His work was seen within several Sonic titles; he programmed enemies in 1999’s Sonic Adventure, and programmed the Chao engine for Sonic Adventure 2, working his way up to the Director role for all console editions of Sonic Unleashed.  For the XBOX360 and PS3 edition of the game, Hashimoto also served as Lead Game Designer and Hedgehog Engine Technical Director.

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